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Bedrock Wine Co. – where past heralds the future

Tweet Twenty-one years before Morgan Twain-Peterson started Bedrock Wine Co. in 2007, he was already ahead of the curve. As the son of Joel Peterson, the founder of Zin powerhouse Ravenswood, Twain-Peterson was practically reared in a cellar. He made his first wine, a Pinot Noir called Vino Bambino, at the age of 5, a […]

California winemakers bottle exclusivity

It’s the crush at Kosta Browne Winery, a Sonoma County maker of pinot noir that’s become one of the hottest wineries among investment bankers, venture capitalists and enthusiasts. Michael Browne, Kosta Browne’s co-founder and winemaker, grabs a cluster from a tub and eats some of the grapes.

Nebraska wineries show resiliency during recession

Tweet Despite the recession and the pinch put on people’s discretionary income, Nebraska enters 2011 with more wineries than ever before. “In 15 years, we’ve gone from one winery to 26,” said Paul Read, the University of Nebraska’s main resource on the wine and grape business. The growth continued right on through what was billed […]

Wine: Toning down the tannins

Tweet From making your mouth pucker in astringent agony to giving it a velvety caress, a wine’s tannins can be the source of pleasure or pain. While some of New Zealand’s earlier red wines had more grip than a Masonic handshake, there’s been a textural revolution in our vineyards that has transported more of our […]

Artisanal Wine: Five Talented Wine Professionals, Five Points of View

Tweet What is an artisanal wine, and what are the factors that are necessary to call a wine artisanal? I posed this question to five wine industry leaders. I think what is interesting is although there are factors that certainly can be agreed upon, most of that agreement would be in the care of the […]

Wine industry looks forward to a fruitful 2011

Tweet After a sobering few years of weathering the recession, the domestic wine industry can now toast to cautious optimism. That was the message for some 2,000 wine industry professionals who attended the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium’s State of the Industry presentation Wednesday morning at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom. The event, which ends today, […]

The Piedmont Wine Trail brings together several Maryland vineyards

Tweet Not so long ago, if you wanted to visit a vineyard near Baltimore for an afternoon of tastings and tours, your first and typically only stop was Boordy Vineyards, the oldest vineyard in the state, established in Hydes in 1945. Even in winter, it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon, with plenty […]

It’s time to heal the great Zinfandel divide

Tweet If you fancy yourself a wine person, you could be forgiven for thinking that Zin lovers are from a slightly different universe. And if you’re a Zin person, right now you might be thinking: Get bent, wine guy. So goes this nation’s cultural divide – of course, I speak of that between Zin fanatics […]

American wine scene expanding to the East Coast

Tweet The hottest emerging wine region in the country was getting a lot of buzz at the largest American wine competition here last month: Paso Robles. The massive wine region between San Francisco and Los Angeles, known for its lusty Rhône-style reds and zinfandel, recently took half the top awards at the 2011 San Francisco […]

Grape wall of China cracks

Tweet Hit hard by a grape glut and higher dollar, Australia’s wine industry is looking to a new saviour – stylish young professionals in China with a taste for our finest shiraz. Australian wine exports to China grew by 36 per cent last year, overtaking the growth of the British, US and Canadian wine markets, […]

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